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Visit to Yu. A. Gagarin Park of Space Explorers

13 Апреля 2022,

On April, 12 a group of Chinese students visited Yu. A. Gagarin Park of Space Explorers at the landing site of the first cosmonaut near town of Engels, Saratov region.

With great pleasure, students walked along the Cedar Alley to the stele and the monument to Yuri Gagarin, listened to a lecture about outstanding figures of cosmonautics and cosmonauts of our country at the historical sculpture composition "Cosmonauts Gallery". The students were greatly excited with an inscription in Chinese on the infographic Memorial Wall and the Moon's surface seen through a telescope. Under the light of the stars they reached the exact place of the Vostok-1 lander capsule landing.

The trip was organized jointly by the Department of social and educational work and the Department of international activities of the Conservatory.

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