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Online master-classes for students of Palestine Conservatoire

28 Апреля 2022,

In the second part of April Saratov Conservatoire organized a series of online master-classes for students of Palestine National Edward Said Conservatoire. The first one was a traditional workshop for students of the Piano Department of the Conservatory Music School held by Associate Professor of the Special Piano Department I.N. Vinogradov.

For the first time this year they organized master-classes for clarinet, trombone and flute performers held by Professors Olga Skripinskaya, Andrej Kosenko, Senior Teacher Yury Dolgov. The final master-class took place on April, 28. Associate Professor Riu Hee Yoon met with Palestinian violinists.

Most of the questions concerned technical problems of performance such as correct position of hands and body, requirements to sound production, breathing and articulation. Some students surprised the teachers with the pieces they chose. For example, one student asked to work at the Second Concerto for trombone and piano written by V.M. Blazhevich. Trombonists play this concerto very seldom because it is technically difficult even for conservatoire students.

In general professors mark considerable complexity of programs that require good technical training as well as knowledge in the field of theory and history of art. Students say that music lessons are just a hobby for most of them. Some admitted that they have not yet decided on the choice of profession.

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