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Students of Conservatoire became winners of the 3rd Festival of Russian as a foreign language

15 Апреля 2022,

The 3rd Festival of “RFL (Russian as a foreign language) at Saratov state University” took place on April, 13. Students and teachers from all Saratov higher educational institutions took part in it. Conservatoire was represented by Assistant Professors of Humanities Department Natalia Tyrnikova, Nadejda Kilinskaya and Ekaterina Alexeeva. Together with colleagues from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China and Turkey they participated in round table discussion devoted to innovations in the RFL teaching. Ekaterina Alexeeva presented a report “Multilingual approach in the dynamics of innovative learning”.

International students studying in Saratov took part in linguistic Olympiad “Mosaic of the Russian word” and interactive linguistic game, where teams demonstrated their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. They read texts and made the sketch of characters, created a route, using verbs of movement, guessed colours listening to excerpts from popular songs, explained meanings of words and checked mistakes in the texts. Saratov Conservatoire team received a sweet prize.

Winners of the Olympiad are:

Hao Guanghui (1st year student, Piano Department) – II place

Song Tingting (3d year student, Piano Department) and Li Dingding (1st year student, Vocal Department) – III place.

Congratulations to winners!

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